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DIY burger:

1. Choose your size:

Single £6.95
Double £7.95
Triple £8.95

2. Choose your burger

Beef, Lamb or Vegetable

3. Choose one filling Choose one sauce Choose one cheese
Chilli BBQ Cheddar
Bacon Cajun Goats
Pineapple Reggae Reggae Shropshire Blue
Mushroom Salsa
Black Pudding

Any extras 75p each
All our Burgers are filled with Tomato, Onion and Lettuce and are served with Chips, Onions Rings and Coleslaw

Pub Classics

Pie of the week served with a choice of potato and vegetables £8.25
Chilli Con Carne with Rice, Chips and sour cream £7.95 (add cheese for 50p)
Beef lasagne served with garlic bread and salad £7.95
Chicken, Pancetta and Mushroom pasta served with garlic bread £8.95
Honey and mustard glazed ham served with two free range eggs, chips and peas £7.95
Home Farm pork sausages served with mash, peas and gravy £7.95

Out of the Sea

Beer battered Haddock fillet served with chips and mushy peas £9.50
Salmon fillet served on a bed of stir fried cabbage with leeks, new potatoes and a lemon cream sauce £11.50
Breaded whole tail Scampi served with salad, chips and mushy peas £8.95
Blackened Sea Bass served with pan fried new potatoes, chorizo, mixed beans and chargrilled leeks £13.95
King Prawn, Cherry tomato and lemon linguine with garlic bread £10.50

For the Veggie
Mixed bean chilli with rice, chips and tortillas £7.95
Vegetable lasagne with salad and coleslaw £7.50
Roasted Vegetable and avocado baguette served with salad and chips £7.95
Roasted pepper stuffed with pesto, Feta and rice served with new potatoes and salad £9.95
Tomato, pepper and cheese calzone wrap served with fries and salad £7.95
Mushroom, asparagus, cream and garlic linguine with garlic bread £7.95

All served with chips, Onion Rings,Peas and a grilled tomato £9.95
The American Bacon, Pulled Pork and Monterey Jack
The Mexican Guacamole, Sour Cream, Nachos and Cheddar
The Hawaiian Ham, Pineapple and cheddar
The British Black Pudding, Apple Sauce and Shropshire Blue

Choose from:
Chicken £7. 95 Steak £8. 95 Duck £8. 95 Prawn £9. 95 Mixed stir fried veg £6.95
add an extra for £3. 50 Duck £4. 50
Choose a sauce: Sweet & Sour, Tikka, Korma,Jalfrezi ,Schezwan,Plum, Hoisin or Reggae
Choose your side: Sweet Potato Fries, Chips,Rice or Salad

Red Lion Grill
All our grill s are served with Chips, Peas, Onion Rings, Grilled Tomato and Mushroom.
Mixed Grill : Gammon, 4oz Rump Steak, Pork Loin Steak,two sausages, Black Pudding and Lamb Chop £13. 50
8oz Rump Steak £9. 95
16oz Rump Steak £14. 95
18oz T-Bone Steak £18. 50
10oz Sirloin Steak £13. 95
Surf and Double Turf £9. 95
10oz Gammon with Egg and Pineapple or Apricots and Melted Shropshire Blue £8. 95
If you’re feeling extra hungry why not add t he following to any of the grill s? Barbecue Ribs £3. 50 or Garlic Prawn Skewer £3. 00 or Chorizo Meat balls £3. 95

Chunky chips £3. 00,
Fries £3 00,
Sweet potato fries £3. 00,
Peppercorn Sauce £2. 50,
Blue Cheese Sauce £2. 50,
Béarnaise Sauce £2. 50,
Onion Rings £2. 75,
Green Salad £2. 50,
Coleslaw £2. 50