Red Lion Grill

The Red lion Grill

All served with chunky chips, onion rings, grilled tomato, mushroom, garden peas and coleslaw

Mixed Grill £14.95
4oz gammon, 4oz rump steak, sausages, lamb chop, pork loin, black pudding and fried egg

8oz Rump steak £9.95

16oz Rump steak £14.95

18oz T-bone steak £18.50

Surf and double turf £10.95
half a chicken fillet, 4oz rump steak and scampi pieces

10oz Gammon steak £9.95
with fried egg and pineapple or black pudding and Shropshire blue

8oz Rump steak and BBQ ribs £13.95

8oz Sizzling Rump steak £8.95
with fried mushrooms,onions and chips