Kick Start Fat Loss Menu

Kick Start Fat Loss Menu

Kick Start Fat Loss is about making choices for a healthy lifestyle, cooking from scratch and reducing sugar. The focus is on consuming good fats, good sources of protein and lots of vegetable.


Goat’s cheese and beetroot stack £3.95
with fresh rocket and cider vinaigrette
Hot and Spicy chicken wings £3.50
with salad garnish
Smoked mackerel and asparagus salad £3.95
topped with soft poached egg
Stuffed avocado £3.95
half an avocado filled with spicy bean salad and warm feta cheese
Freshly prepared soup of the day £2.95


Red Lion salad bowls
A mixed salad of iceberg lettuce, red onion, cherry tomato, peppers, beetroot, celery, sunflower and pumpkin seeds with your choice of topping-
Houmous and roasted vegetables £7.25
Prawn and Avocado £7.95
Grilled Chicken and Bacon £7.95
Mackerel, poached egg and roasted tomato £7.50
Spicy salt and pepper chargrilled steak and mushroom £7.95

Vegetable Jalfrezi £7.95
A spicy curry with chickpeas served on a sizzling skillet with boiled rice or sweet potato fries
8oz Chargrilled rump steak
Served with fried onions and mushrooms, fresh cauliflower and broccoli and a side of sweet potato fries
Lamb Burger £6.95
Topped with caramelised onions and melted goats’ cheese and served with sweet potato fries, salad and light cucumber and garlic dip
Grilled haddock £7.95
With chilli and lime butter served with spicy bean salad, asparagus and broccoli with spinach